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2014년 - 'Bike rental system moves' patented
- ‘Bike racks and kiosks mounting base plate 'design registration
- Service Operation Agreement signed T Store and T Belling
2013년 - "One-piece frame bike 'patented
- Selection of military service Contractor
- 'Bike Lock Control System "patented
- Green Business Certification (public bike rental system unattended)
- Ansan public bike system building
- Seoul public bike system Design Patent (Bike Fenders)
2012년 - HD Voice Coloring development contracts - SK Planet Co.,Ltd
- DW signed MOU with Indonesia SMS notification service
- Geochang public bike system open
- 'bike light system for motorists' patented
2011년 - Established R&D Center
- Seocho-gu public bike system open
- Seoul bike system related design patented (kiosk, information terminals)
2010년 - 'Can be attached to the bike self terminal device capable of charging "patented
- 'With a canopy having the solar modules bike racks' patented
- Seoul public bike system construction contract
2009년 - 'Republic of Korea IT Innovation 2009 Award' Green IT field Excellence Awards
- 'Bike rental system' patented
- Suncheon public bike system contract
- TL9000 and ISO9001 certified
2008년 - Changwon public bike system (NUBIJA) build and start operating agency
- Seoul Songpa unmanned bike rental system pilot project
- Livemap service launched
2007년 - Gyeongbong Co.,Ltd contributions
- Labor Welfare Fund established
2006년 - Mappers Co.,Ltd contributions
- Hanaro Telecom services start coloring
2005년 - KOSDAQ
- Target for small businesses cooperation (SK Telecom Cooperation) Ministry of Industry Award
- Location information provider selection (MIC)
2004년 - 2004 Korean Technology Fast 50 selection (Deloitte Korea)
- KT Ringo (060-705-7777) service launched
2003년 - KTF ring to you (016-700-7777) service launched
- LGT filling (019-700-7777) service launched
- Specify the military service and quality (Seoul Military Manpower Administration)
- Superior Technology company (Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund)
2002년 - SK Telecom CRBT IP Equipment
- ITANGO Service launch
- SK Telecom Nate ‘Messaging Plus’ ASP launch
- SK Telecom Coloring CP(011-700-7777) Service launch
- SK Telecom Coloring Service ASP launch
2001년 - Established R&D Center
- Mobile Mail ASP on Yahoo Korea
- SK Telecom-WITCOM CRBT Business Kick Off
- Mobile Mail ASP on Lycos Korea
2000년 - Participated in SK Telecom IMT-2000 Consortium
- SK Telecom SMSS Server Development
- Mobile Message Center Service launch in SK Telecom
1999년 - Established Company
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