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특허보유내역 HOME > Public Relations > Patent History
No. Type Title Reg Date
1 patent How to sell electronic vouchers Aug. 17, 2002
2 patent Automatic registration with the taxi cab communication devices and networks How to use services provided Oct. 23, 2002
3 patent Posts by Network Information, advice and equipment Notice how Feb. 25, 2004
4 patent Free SMS Service Advertising on the Internet with the ability of providing apparatus and method Nov. 11, 2004
5 patent A mobile terminal Based on the location service provide an apparatus and method Jul. 20, 2006
6 patent Updating the graphical user interface system Jul. 31, 2006
7 patent Bike rental system Aug. 10, 2008
8 patent Bike storage device Sep. 08, 2008
9 patent Bike rack with a canopy comprising a photovoltaic module Jul. 01, 2010
10 patent Can be attached to the bike can be self-charging terminal unit Oct. 18, 2010
11 patent Bike light system for motorists Feb. 06, 2012
12 patent Bicycles display system and the method Feb. 21, 2012
13 patent Bike rental management device and the mobile communication device Aug. 22, 2012
14 patent Lock control system Jun. 28, 2013
15 patent Base plate for mounting bike racks and kiosks Nov. 01, 2013
16 patent Integral frame bike Dec. 24, 2013
17 patent Bike move rental system Mar. 10, 2014
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